Advices for the storage

Advices for the storage

suggerimentiCER 01 AND CER01 ULTRASOFT

The “traditional frozen rubber” CER01 and CER 01 ULTRASOFT, being very reactive, has to be stored in freezer at -15 / – 20°C. We recommend our customers to take out from the freezer only the quantity which has to be pressed in the hours immediately following and not the complete package.
This allows to the product to preserves its flowability and conformity of the vulcanized surface for long time. It’s good habit to dry the rubber sheets from the moisture before the vulcanization, this to avoid bubble formation on the surface.


CER 06

CER06 rubber is not temperature sensible and reactive as the CER01 but also for this product, if not used in a short time, we recommend cold storage in order to extend the life time.


CER 03/C

CER03/C rubber due to its different nature , it is not damaged by moisture and by temperature and doesn’t need to be stored in the refrigerator. For this reason the storing is at room temperature, protected from the light.