Summary of Cergomma’s environmental and quality policy

Landscape and rainbowCERGOMMA is committed to the production of rubber compounds and the sale of chemical products for the industry, placing particular attention on meeting the specifications agreed upon with Client and respect for the environment in keeping with environmental protection standards with a view to improving corporate performance as the cornerstone of its own corporate strategy.
To this view, we have instituted a Quality System in conformity with UNI EN ISO 9001 ed. 2015 and Environmental Management System in conformity with UNI EN ISO 14001 ed. 2015, thereby defining the Integrated Quality-Environment Policy in keeping with type of activity, products, and services provided and with the dimension and company profile, so as to guarantee constant development of the organisation, methodology, and performance.
To this end, Management has agreed to provide the human and financial resources necessary to attain a series of measurable objectives while optimising costs, controlling the energy and raw material consumption, reducing wastes, and improving the waste management system.

Periodical audits are carried out on the Quality/Environment Management System to verify conformity with new reference standards and to identify points where improvements can be made. The publication, understanding, and implementation of the provisions established in the Integrated Policy ensure the involvement, training and updating of personnel on all levels, as well as the involvement of suppliers and companies or subcontractors operating on company premises, by informing them of methods for improving environmental performance.

The certification is the result of a voluntary decision. The Company decides to implement and maintain this course of action in order to improve its own management performance in terms of quality and environmental aspects and constitutes a formal commitment made by the Company management.
Companies that agree to conform to ISO standards are subjected to the evaluation of an external certifying body that periodically verifies conformity with the relative standards.

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