Production and final quality controls


The quality and the constant final product characteristics start with tests on the incoming raw materials, which must be suitable.
On this purpose defined parameters are set, such as the viscosity of the polyurethane (which is cross-checked with the aid of a viscometer compliant with the ISO 289-1/2/3/4 standard), and the dispersibility and reactivity of the additives.
Additional specific measures are taken to ensure that they give the best results in the compound.
For the CER01 and CER01 ULTRASOFT the additives are sieved in vibrating sieve, the iron mesh characteristics are defined in our production management system.


For every lot a vulcanised specimen is prepared to allow visual inspection of the surface and a the rheometric curve is produced, this to monitor the rubber’s behaviour during vulcanization.
The instrument used is an moving die (md) rheometer compliant with the ISO 6502, ASTM D 6204 and DIN 53 529-3 standard.
Spot checks on the hardness are carried out with an automatic shore A hardness unit.
The analysis method used for the hardness test is the ISO 868 standard, with shore A measured after 3 seconds.
The value considered for the test taken to establish the suitability of the compound is the average on 5 detected values on the same specimen.

All the instruments, regularly calibrated, are controlled by PC and the reports are held on file for one Year after the individual batch’s production date.
The acceptability criteria the customer should expect are stated in the relative instructions which form part of Cergomma’s Integrated Environmental and Quality Management System and can be requested to the responsible (RQA).


The final inspection, covering the dimensions, the thickness, the weight and the conditions of the packaging are recorded by placing on the packaging the lot number and the signature of the operator who carried out the procedure on the relating document.
On the packaging a number is stated , this number identifies the single lot and ensures the complete traceability of the supplied material.