Integrated quality/environment system management

Cergomma views environmental quality and protection, with their connotations for health, compliance with the relevant legal requirements with regard to the environment, pollution reduction and continuous improvement of environmental performances as the keystone of its business strategy.

Our management aim is expressed through:

  • increase in our quality standards, in terms of:
    • greater production efficiency
    • better control of the process
    • greater competitivity on the market
    • increased customer satisfaction
  • containment and prevention of any forms of pollution connecting to all environmental compartments (air, water, soil):
    • compliance with the relevant environmental legislation and regulations
    • monitoring and continuous improvement of management of environmental aspects relating to:
      • hazardous materials
      • waste
      • emissions
      • noise in the working environment and outdoors
      • emergency situations
      • Energy consumption

The Management is committed to improving its performance to prevent or reduce the pollution and environmental impacts related to its operations through constant control of production processes and activities and continuous research into products, technologies and processes with lower environmental impact and less hazardous for health


The System and its maintenance imply a considerable economic investment for the company, translated into value-added to the supplied product.