Products for the rubber application

Products for the rubber application

Together with the rubber compounds Cergomma is also able to supply with the products for its application such as releasing agent , glue (when adhesion rubber-to-metal is required) and the solvent for the glue preparation.



We usually trade in the form of spray as it is the most common-used and it is easy in application.
The selected item has a very good releasing effect on every rubber compound of our range.
Each sprayer contains 500 ml.product.



It is very important to use the right adhesive for the best rubber-to-metal binding.
Cergomma trades the pure product because it is recommended to mix it with the solvent in limited quantity according to few days production.
This because the solvent is extremely volatile and, by time passing, it evaporates with the effect of a considerable change in the percentage of this product.
The percentage of solvent in the glue vary if the glue is applied manually with a brush or if it is sprayed with a spray-gun.



The solvent required for the glue is a common product which is normally found on each local market, that’s why we usually help our customers to find it locally.



These products, being flammable, require special packaging and procedures for the transport.
Cergomma is organized to export them world-wide by sea and air freight: approved packaging are available on stock.